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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the result of a healthcare professional’s breach of the prevailing professional standard of care resulting in injury or death of the patient. Medical Malpractice has many forms. 


1. MISDIAGNOSIS OR DELAYED DIAGNOSES:  When a doctor misdiagnoses a condition or fails to timely diagnose a condition, the patient could miss treatment opportunities that might have prevented serious harm or death. A misdiagnosis could lead to the prescription of treatments that are not appropriate for the patient, also potentially resulting in harm.

2. CHILDBIRTH INJURIES. Several injuries can be caused by medical malpractice during the labor and delivery of a child. These injuries can be quite severe such as brain injuries, fractured bones, and full or partial paralysis.

3. MEDICATION ERRORS. Medication errors include mistakes on the initial prescription, administering a drug inappropriately, or failing to take notice of a potentially harmful drug interaction. Another form of medical malpractice involves giving the wrong medication to a patient.

4. ANESTHESIA ERRORS. Typical causes of medical malpractice by anesthesiologists include failing to investigate the patient's medical history for possible complications, failing to inform the patient of necessary preoperative procedures, giving too much anesthesia to the patient, failing to monitor the patient's vital signs, improperly putting a tube in the trachea to assist the patient with breathing, or using defective equipment.

5. SURGERY ERRORS. Surgical errors include puncturing an organ or blood vessel, operating on the wrong body part, or leaving surgical equipment inside the body.

6. NURSING ERRORS: Nursing staff may commit medical malpractice by failing to properly monitoring their patients, failing to take appropriate measures to prevent falls, giving the wrong medications, using improper procedures that could lead to infection, failing to give the patient adequate instructions for their own postoperative recovery needs or simply failing to be a patient's advocate.

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